Green Chile - The Authentic Taste of New Mexico
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Green Chile Concepts, LLC.

The Difference!

Serve A Burrito We Stand Behind, Not One
They Pump From A Machine.

Real Ingredients! Hand Crafted Burritos!

Cut one in half. The Green Chile difference is clear.


Every burrito must surpass our expectations first, as well as our customers’ expectations. It must leave an imprint of satisfaction. To do this, Green Chile takes a simple approach and layers in real ingredients, hand rolls each burrito, and quickly flash-freezes that fresh goodness inside so you get the results you want, no matter which day-part.
Take a look at the result! When they arrive at your location it’s like someone handed it to you from across the counter of a southwestern cantina. Each one is ready to be microwaved or placed in the oven, or simply placed on your cooler shelf. Great food is the soul of emotion and the new burrito recipes at Green Chile will surprise, excite, and ignite sales like no other!



A Vision We Are Building On.

We are dedicated to becoming the premier provider of premium Southwestern food products in the United States.



A Mission We Are Proud To Own.

We bring real flavor to real food…by inspiring food lovers with an authentic flavor experience and handcrafted products with a southwestern soul.

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