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Green Chile Concepts, LLC.

Ignite Your Southwest Soul™

Capturing the imagination is one thing.
Transforming it to a different state is another!

Ingredients! Ingredients! Ingredients!

When the perfect ingredients are combined in just the right fashion you end up with a product everyone can be proud of.


Green Chile has a philosophy that starts with doing it right. Every product must surpass the customer’s expectations, leaving an imprint that makes them want another. And when you combine the correct ingredients in just the right amounts, you get the results. At Green Chile the product is number one. That is why we brought in a team of experts to formulate every recipe and make sure you can be proud of the product you serve your customer. Green Chile hand rolls every pre-wrapped burrito. Great food is the soul of emotion and the new burrito recipes at Green Chile will surprise… and then excite you like none before! With ingredients you can see, micro-batched in small quantities,
Each burrito is hand rolled in New Mexico at our shop, just as if you were standing at the counter of your favorite cantina. Your choice is clear. Take the taste test before stocking your shelves with a product that will make or break your reputation. We are confident that you will find Green Chile the best tasting burrito on the market. And if you need more reasons to bring us into your store, Green Chile’s Signature Salsas are superb. Created with culinary excellence behind every pinch and dash, each salsa, from our Cherry Tomato™, Tres Chipotle™, Poblano Verde™, or our fantastic Green Chile™, takes your customer to a new level of satisfaction with each bite. Don’t miss out on these signature products.


A Vision We Are Building On.

We are dedicated to becoming the premier provider of premium Southwestern food products in the United States.



A Mission We Are Proud To Own.

We bring real flavor to real food…by inspiring food lovers with an authentic flavor experience and handcrafted products with a southwestern soul.

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